Our story

First you need to know the rules before you can understand which ones need to be broken. Michael Rich spent three decades working in the shoe business before using what he’d learn to hack that very same industry. Michael’s passion, experience, and quite a few airline miles would manifest as a new vision for how sneakers are made.

PSUDO is that dream: an American made sneaker delivered in just three pieces, born from recycled materials, delivering less waste and way more comfort.

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Supply change starts at home

PSUDOs is proud to be an American made sneaker. We’re changing how shoes are made with a short and transparent supply chain and a commitment to local manufacturing using ethical labor. PSUDO uses purposeful, on demand manufacturing to eliminate waste and we know everything that goes in our sneakers, because we put it there.

New Jersey

North Carolina


Los Angeles

3 Pieces. 24/7 Comfort.

While it might feel like you’re walking on clouds, every pair of PSUDOs is equipped with comfort technology and anti-fatigue foot support. Oil and slip resistant, PSUDOs are perfect for people on their feet all day. PSUDOs provide all day comfort, and are machine washable with a slip-on fit ideal for life on-the-go.

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Born from recycled materials

Do you believe in sneaker reincarnation? You should, because it takes 7.2 plastic bottles to make every pair of PSUDO sneakers. PSUDOs are built with a singular, eco-friendly fabric made of 75% recycled material.

By eliminating the laces and all the typical waste that comes with multi-component footwear, every pair of PSUDOs purchased saves 7.2 plastic bottles from our landfills and oceans. Maybe that’s why they’re so comfortable. Karma. Yep, it has to be the karma.