The Year Was 1987,

and some called it the greatest year in all sneaker history. Cool sh*t was everywhere. Nike had just realized the first ever Air Max, and the California Bones Brigade put out the skateboarding video classic “The Search for Animal Chin.” From sneaker freakers to skater culture, 1987 paved the way for many an artist and designer to start journeys of self-expression, creativity, and innovation.

That year, a sixteen-year-old sales associate discovered a passion, one that would eventually lead him all over the world for over three decades. From boardrooms to bungalows, passion became expertise, and a new vision for the future of sneakers was born.

Well—a “pseudo” version of sneakers, that is.

We love everything about sneakers. But also, we don’t.
We’re made with the same materials. But then again, not quite. And we have the same foundational designs. But only sort of... So what then is Psudo all about?

Simply put, Psudo is about all things sneakers—from design, to supply chain, to manufacturing processes. Remember that sales associate from earlier? Well, he became an expert on what it takes to make sneakers—and eventually—he began to notice some things...

It turns out, very few brands make sneakers in the USA. Why? Sourcing materials is a com- plicated business, and finding domestic partners committed to quality isn’t easy—or cheap. Want to be eco-conscious, but don’t love the idea of walking around in soleless sandals? The thing is, anything with laces (probably) is a byproduct of massive waste.

We aren’t that sort of sneaker.

Here at Psudo, our dream is to make the most sustainable sneaker in the world. Recycled plastic bottles make our uppers. Our materials are sourced in the good ‘ol US of A. Even our factory and employees are locals, too.
At the end of the day, our sort of products are inspired by, but so different than, typical sneakers. The process we took to get here is unlike anything out there. And we think that’s going to forever change the future of sneakers—just like in the year 1987.