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We Aren't That Type of Sneaker.

Psudo Sneakers

The world’s a cool place. You probably want to explore it. It also makes sense to wear comfortable sneakers while you’re out there. That’s where Psudo comes in.

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Psudo Sneakers Psudo Sneakers

We’re All About Sneakers
— Sort Of

We love sneakers. Not how they’re made. We believe in doing good, from sensible manufacturing to transparent supply chains. Have you ever walked around guilt-free? It’s a totally legal high 😉

Step True

Psudo Step True

Made in the US of A

We love putting out American-made sneakers because it means supporting local causes and collaborating with local artists. Also, hiring locals means knowing the best lunch spots.

Recycled Materials

Our laceless sneakers are assembled with recycled materials to avoid waste as much as possible. We want our eco-conscious sneakers to be on your feet, not in landfill.

Military-Grade Cush

A hustler like you deserves anti-microbial, anatomical foot support with military-grade oil and slip-resistant soles. Actually, to be honest, everyone should have this level of podiatric serenity.

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Psudo Sneakers

1987 Was a Hell of a Year

Honestly, there haven’t been any bad ones. But ’87 gave us the game-changing Nike Air Max, the visionary skate video The Search for Animal Chin, and a 16-year-old sales associate with the future of sneakers in his head.

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