We Aren't That Sort of Sneaker

Unsustainable materials? Exorbitant markups? Poor-quality, fast-fashion waste? Nope, no thanks. We’re all about affordable lightweight kicks that are good for people and the planet.

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Made in the USA

We are committed to local manufacturing using ethical labor. Psudo sneakers are 100% locally sourced and produced at our solar-powered facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Recycled Materials

Our sneakers are built with a singular, eco-friendly fabric made of 75% recycled material. We eliminated the laces and all the typical waste that comes with multi-component footwear.

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All-Day Comfort

We pack in the comfort technology with antimicrobial, anatomically correct foot support for all-day wear. Our breathable and sweat-wicking slip-on sneakers will make your sock drawer obsolete.

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Psudo Sneakers

1987 Was One Hell of a Year

Honestly, there haven’t been any bad ones. But ‘87 gave us the game-changing Nike Air Max, the visionary skate video The Search for Animal Chin, and a 16-year-old sales associate with the future of sneakers in his head.

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